Nouvelle is situated about 250 meters from Upplands Väsby train station and from early on in the planning process we wanted the majority of the apartments to be of the smaller kind. With that in mind and at the same time hearing constant reports of increasing carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution in our cities and the development of autonomous vehicles we asked ourselves: are we really going to put up a bunch of parking spaces for this building, in 2019? Where does this norm of planning our cities after our cars come from? If we go on like we’ve always done, will things ever change?
We wanted to challenge old truths and deploy a new way of thinking. 
 If we for example plan for public transport, facilitate cycling and let deliveries come to you instead of the other way around, might we be able to accomplish a small change? A move in the right direction? That’s been our way of thinking while planning this project. 
The building doesn’t have any private parking spaces. Instead it features a lot of smart solutions that will soon make you forget all reasons for owning your own car. Residents of Nouvelle will be part of one of Sweden’s largest car pools, have access to cold storage for food deliveries, special boxes for e-commerce and awesome bicycle solutions. Thanks to the nearby Upplands Väsby train station it’s only 8 minutes to Sweden’s largest international airport Arlanda and only 29 minutes to central Stockholm. 


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