A smarter real estate company that makes Stockholm a little better.

Coming soon

Stockholm’s first apartment building without private parking spaces, 250 m from Upplands Väsby commuter train station.

Coming soon
Just below Vitabergsparken you will find Riset 11, our latest property with a unique history in the center of Sweden’s most progressive neighbourhood.
Phase 1
Tomorrow’s housing surrounded by Swedish industrial heritage. Don’t miss out when Stockholm’s most interesting residential area takes form.
About LaTERRE ´

LaTERRE is a real estate development company creating a a smarter and more efficient housing market by finding new solutions to old problems.
        Many developers and real estate companies like to talk about their long history and legacy. We don’t have that. Neither do we have have decades of inefficient building in our rearview mirror and we’re not stuck in old ways of thinking. That’s something we’re proud of.
        We are inspired by the best from the past and combine it with today’s conditions in order to create what’s best for the future.

Our offer

Economic sustainability
Through working closely together with partners and commercial operators we create ideal conditions for long-term economic sustainability.

Smarter homes for the cities of the future
Inspired by digitalisation and sharing economy, we develop smart and sustainable properties where companies want to be active and where people actually want to live.

Environmentally friendly construction
By resource smart processes we make buildings in sustainable materials that will stand firm for generations to come.

Insight-driven architecture
We believe that the key to successful real estate development lies in understanding the place, time and industry in which we operate. We listen to people’s needs and conditions and once we’ve done our research we ask ourselves — can we make it better?

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